find your financial voice

Finding Your Financial Voice – Initial

This appointment is to discover if my services are a good fit for you. You will be provided (before the appointment) a questionnaire. Those questions are design to help me understand the need in your financial life. The appointment is about 45 minutes long and the fee will be credited to your first session. When you receive the questionnaire make sure answer each question with accuracy and no judgement.

Finding Your Financial Voice – Individual

Do you need a one on one session for you only, then this conference private Zoom call is for you? If you want to heal from your unhealthy financial habits while enhancing your healthy ones I suggest you select this session. However this is not a one time session. you must be willing to give one hour of your times every two weeks to break through your financial DNA.

Finding Your Financial Voice – Couple/Family

This session is design to help couples/families who are struggling with talking with each other about money. These session are great for engaged couples who are afraid to talk with each. Great for married couples who never talk about money but find themselves having high pitched discussions about money. Each person has their own ways of dealing with finances and these sessions will help bring those teachings together into one.