Affluence Financial Fitness For Women Magazine: September 2021


In the September issue of “Affluence Financial Fitness For Women Magazine ” the contributors discuss the relationship we all have with mental health and money!

The woman on the cover Dr. Nicole Jackson delivers a powerful message called “Trauma, Triggers & Money. Other articles you can read in this issue- “Exhausted and Running on Empty” by Shyra Murrey, “Mental Money Mania” by J R Spann-Davis, “Financial Anxiety and Past Money Stories that Keep you Financially Stuck” by Pamela Sams!

This issue is packed with so much “generational curses breaking” information!

Affluence Financial Fitness for Women follows the direction of its publisher Anita R. Johnson. Her vision is to eradicate financial illiteracy through financial mental wellness and she does this by publishing books, magazines and other services you can find on