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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Ask Me Anything Tuesday

Join me for a LIVE Q+A about personal finances.

Location: Online

Time: 5pm Pacific

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Finding Your Financial Voice Through Yoga and Meditation

Is your relationship with money fearful, or do you feel anxious, or do you not feel you have enough money? Do you think/feel you need more from your money and don’t know how to get more from your money? A whole host of people feels this feeling. Then this Finding Your Financial Voice through Yoga and Meditation workshop is for you. I will give the art of yoga while giving practical meditation practice weeding out those fears.

Join me for a journey of yoga and meditation to dig deep into yourself, finding the root of your financial anxiety while in a safe and protective place.

Location: Online

Time: 6pm Pacific

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Friday, September 30, 2022

Quarterly Networking and Partnership Event

Join Affluence-Financial Fitness for Women magazine contributors and Anita R Johnson, Financial Behaviorist founder and Candace Smith editor for our quarterly networking and partnership event.

Learn more about the magazine and it’s contributors.

We will discuss the latest issue of the magazine and and it’s theme and how the conversation is relevant to the community.

One section of the magazine is our resource page.

This page is super important because it provides a list of financial advisors and other community resources.

Those members will attend as well and discuss their contributions to the community.

This event is free to the community to attend.

Connect with our contributors:
Anita Renee Johnson
Pamela Sams
Nicole Sharie
J R Renee Spann
Drea Walker
David Gonzales
Shyra Murrey
Candace Lynn Smith

Location: Online

Time: 6:30pm Pacific

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